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This is the best way to ensure your hydration at the office, gym and in your day-to-day life. Our bottles can naturally contain any drink, with any temperature, over and over again, without imparting nor retaining any taste or releasing harmful substances. Our bottles are just perfect for stylish people like you.


At Wak‘a we go back to the roots. Nature inspired us and its preservation is our motivation, and north. With Wak'a's eco-friendly products, we aim to inspire people around the world to help us preserve the environment by cutting down single-use plastics.

This is how Wak’a was born. Our name comes from a sacred place which concentrates natural energy from the goddesses in the form of rocks, mountains, trees and lakes.

Wak'a is an Eco-friendly sustainable label for STYLISH PEOPLE

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No hay un día que no lleve conmigo mi botella, es perfecta para meter en el bolso, no suda y mantiene la temperatura durante Horas!

Ja experimentei quase TODAS as garrafas do mercado, a wak'a é melhor de todas!

Me acompaña a donde voy,, es perfecta para el gimnasio y mis actividades del dia

My drink last for hours! BEST Quality bottles



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