For us, life is what happens while you remember the past or plan the future. For us life is TODAY.

Time is our most precious treasure, so our premise is "enjoy the present, it is the most special thing you have".
Stop and appreciate -sounds basic, but sometimes we forget it- the heat of the sun, the smell of the trees, the sound of the waves ...

Wak’a is a way of life for us. A brand that seeks originality and practicality and in parallel collaborate with what we invite you to value so much: nature. Through the commercialization of our products we contribute to the ONG (Liga de proteção à natureza) to help preserve the oceans.

Our trajectory has helped us get here. A project that required years of preparation in this fast-paced world of entrepreneurs and the era of digital marketing.

Our 500 ml thermal bottles that retain heat or cold for up to 24 hours, are our first model. Elegant for any of our outfits.

Then the MUG came to integrate our portfolio. A smaller size to welcome the ever-needed coffee!

In the midst of the pandemic, new ideas also arrived and with them our "bamboo collection" for those who chose Tea as their faithful companion.

Thus, Our idea is to create a range of products that are "stylish" and sustainable. This is just the beginning and I invite you to be part of this movement!